NYO3 Collaborates with Norwegian Anti-Aging Scientists to Launch the Ageless Brand at the Vitafoods Europe Exhibition

On 15th May in Geneva, Switzerland, NYO3 successfully hosted the 2024 NYO3 Global Anti-Aging Brand Launch Event at Vitafoods Europe and officially established a strategic partnership with the renowned Norwegian anti-aging research center, NO-Age. They introduced the new premium anti-aging brand, ‘Ageless’, and launched their first product, NYO3 Ageless MAXI-COLLAGEN Advanced Micro-Tripeptide, marking a new era in anti-aging solutions.

Ageless, building an effective pipeline from scientific research to helpful products for consumers.

According to iiMedia Research, the global anti-aging market was nearly USD 300 billion in 2023 and is projected to reach USD 421.4 billion by 2030. NYO3, as a leader in product accessibility of dietary supplements, keeps providing consumers the products with nutrients that are developed and proven in the latest research.

Norwegian Anti-Aging Agency NOAGE

NO-Age, a leading human aging research center in Norway, brings together experts from 13 countries to collaborate on cutting-edge academic research and fosters the anti-aging industry cooperation. The four co-founding members, Prof. Jon Storm-Mathisen, Prof. Hilde Nilsen, Prof. Linda H Bergersen, and Prof. Evandro Fang, are globally recognized anti-aging scientists with a focus on advanced medical technologies and laboratory-based anti-aging research.

NYO3 Collaborates with Norwegian Anti-Aging Scientists

NYO3 and NO-Age are sharing the same goal, to empower people to live longer, healthier, and more meaningful lives. During the event, cooperation between NYO3 and NO-AGE can build an effective pipeline from scientific research to helpful products for consumers. Ageless brand originates from Norway, a nation with an average life expectancy of 83 years. Ageless products integrate NO-Age’s life-science research in over 22 years. Leveraging multi-organ studies to define organ aging and basing on cutting-edge research achievements, Ageless follows the concept of “anti-aging starting from within, full-cycle cell anti-aging” and aims to create a “health management ecosystem against aging” for all humanity.

MAXI-COLLAGEN Advanced Micro-Tripeptide Won the Monde Selection Gold Award

The Ageless product includes three series, exogenous anti-aging, endogenous cell anti-aging, and day-night anti-aging, with over 20 anti-aging supplements. Starting from the mechanism of cell regeneration, it achieves full-cycle cell anti-aging from the inside out. At the launch event, the new product MAXI-COLLAGEN Advanced Micro-Tripeptide stunned the audience with its skincare and nutritional synergy development concept. The patented micro-particle technology accelerates absorption with homogenizing effective ingredients into functional microparticles at the nano-level as the average particle size of 1-3μm, one-ninth the size of a red blood cell. This bypasses physical digestion in the body and quickly initiates absorption biochemical processes and significantly improves bioavailability with absorption rates 4.8 times higher than regular collagen peptides.

NYO3 New Brand Ageless Announcement

Human trials of the product showed a reduction of 10.4% in superficial wrinkles, a 13% increase in skin collagen density, and a 7% increase in skin hydration with just one bottle per day for 7 days, which is visibly improving the skin*. (*Data were generated by the TCI EVE Lab) Notably, Ageless received the prestigious Monde Selection Gold Award at the World Food Quality Evaluation Conference, certified its research strength and exceptional quality.

The launch of Ageless at the 2024 NYO3 Global Anti-Aging Brand Launch marked a milestone leap for NYO3 in the premium anti-aging product categories. Ageless will uphold its core value of product research innovation, continuing to explore the anti-aging potential in natural nutrition, and driving global health aging processes with groundbreaking life-science advancements.

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