NYO3 – The world’s Top 1 online brand of krill oil, debuts at Vitafoods Europe 2024.

On May 14th, Geneva, Switzerland, NYO3-a Norwegian high-end dietary nutrition brand represented by new Omega-3, brought a full range of 32 high-end nutritional products. 

All products were exhibited at Vitafoods Europe 2024 in Switzerland. At the same time, the NYO3 global new brand launch conference was held. New product NYO3 Royal- boost Antarctic Krill Oil is released. Each capsule contains krill oil up to 1300mg.  The use of exclusive and innovative water-soluble (marine phospholipids solubility )technology significantly improves the absorption rate. This groundbreaking innovation ushers in a new era of cellular-level nutrition.

nyo3 vitafoods europe 2024

Matts Johansen, CEO of Aker Biomarine, NYO3’s strategic partner, emphasised at the press conference that their comprehensive value chain covers sustainable krill fishing in the pristine waters of Antarctica. NYO3 uses Aker Biomarine’s advanced Antarctic krill patented fishing technology and patented extraction technology to ensure the freshness and pure quality of NYO3 krill oil from the source.

At the press conference, Svein Erik Haugmo, CEO of ORIVO, a testing organisation recognised as the authority in Omega-3 quality testing, introduced that it uses the world’s leading nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectrum analysis technology to verify the authenticity of product raw materials and origins around the world. Through rigorous testing, NYO3 has obtained 100% quality certification for three consecutive years, ranking first in quality in the global krill oil industry for three consecutive years.

At present, the krill oil industry has broad market prospects.   Ms. Julija Skolnikovc from Moojing introduced that in 2023, NYO3 ranks first in global online sales of krill oil. Meanwhile, NYO3 krill oil market share leads the market and its scale far exceeds other brands.

vitafoods europe 2024 nyo3 brand performance

On the basis of quality and sales, NYO3 also takes into account the sustainability and ecologically balanced development of Antarctic resources. At the press conference, AWR issued a donation certificate to NYO3 and thanked NYO3 for donating to the Antarctic Wildlife Research Fund (AWR). 121,000 NOK will be used to jointly support Antarctic ecosystem research, ensure the rational utilisation of Antarctic krill resources, and maintain the sustainability and ecologically balanced development of Antarctic resources.

vitafoods europe 2024 nyo3 donated to antarctic wildlife research fund

The strength of both quality and quantity growth is due to NYO3’s fundamental principle of “from Norway, pure and simple”. By deeply exploring the nutritional value of Antarctic krill, NYO3 has extensively expanded dietary nutritional supplement products and created a krill oil industry cluster. In the future, NYO3 will continue to adhere to global medical and drug standards, natural raw material quality, and sustainable development concepts, develop Norway’s unique dietary nutritional supplements, and convey the Norwegian concept of healthy life.

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